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Date: 2010-08-07, 4:28PM CST

In your first life, you were foolish--running where you shouldn't be running, crashing into trees, touching everything you saw. In your next life, you were more cautious--ducking when things were thrown your way, jumping over crevasses. In the lives after that you began to understand the world that you were placed in: that things, terrible things, can come at you from behind, from underneath. To be swept off one's feet only to fall again from the sky, curled up in a ball, rotating. When I saw you, surrounded, you were aware of the names of things--you knew that when you jumped you could move back and forth in mid-air like a balloon, like wings, like spiraling. You knew what things to touch--wings that fell from the sky like you once did after the sixteenth time that you died, wings that would make you stronger--wings that allowed you to remove self from self, to streak ahead of your body like a flashlight, turning all things to white. I do not know if you take the time to rest. I do not know that if you have time to sit down: to have a meal, to talk about things--the world you are trying to save, the people you are trying to defend. I am scared to touch your hand in fear that you might die. I am scared to make a noise in fear that I might die. When you leave here, you will step incorrectly. You will fall from the sky like you always do. You will start running forward. You will restart where you fell, circling--the parking lot, the fountain. You will keep going and you will remember none of this--how you got to the street, why you arrived. If you were to remember me, you would remember me as faceless. You would remember my motions--where I arrived from, when I jumped, what patterns I made. You would remember that you cannot touch me, or else you would fall to the ground. I would tell you that to touch my skin is worth dying a twenty-third time, a twenty-fourth, a twenty-fifth. This is what I was running towards you to tell you. This is why you laid me to waste.
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