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Timeo danaos et dona ferentes - Intersection of Bryant and Magnolia Drive m4w

Date: 2010-08-09, 2:55PM CST

My view of you was blurry--the type of blur evident when all is in motion: mothers moving in quickly to place kisses on the cheek, everyone quickly turning their heads when hearing the word 'sister', hearing a song, hearing a name that is similar to their name. This is something that I do not understand while moving, rotation on top of rotation driving me forward yet away. I would spend action on you, but as you know, this whole thing is Greek to me--Hellenistic where there is no Helen, no woman at the end of the sea, no understanding of what these shapes mean: these shapes are not me, these shapes are not my language. I fear you. I fear your handshakes, your dead birds, your coffins, your chairs, your teas, your mixes and mixers, your buttons, your service and services. The gift you bear has no wheels--I am the one moving forward, you are the one still. If I were to cut you open lord knows what I would find: a building, a new city, a torch to burn my city to the ground from whence it came. If the gods deemed it so, I would throw my momentum into a lamppost, into the pillars of your new home, into the river. I would die ingloriously without a struggle with no great thing--nothing that you will remember me by. You will find all of this sad, but your house will move on. I fear you. I fear that this was meant to be. I fear that this is in your god's will. I fear so I say nothing lest the snakes come out of the ground and swallow me and all I hold dear. In passing, you see me about to speak. Look at the pretty horse I have made for you, you say. Look at the attention we have given to its hooves, its wooden eyes. Please, I beg of you, do not try to contact me. I have no need for horses--I have broken all of them.
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