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Date: 2010-08-21, 8:47AM CST

Here's how it works: a friend draws attention to the death of a friend--lets the world know that she has lost someone. A co-worker, she says, a person she said hello to on a regular basis, a person whom she noticed haircuts, knows the difference between how she looked on Monday and how she looked on Wednesday. I do not know who this is--I never worked with her, never shared the same square of carpet, never ate lunch near her. Yet I look anyway--space where she should be telling the world what she was doing is replaced by others spreading the word of what she once did: she was inspiring. She was kind. She serves as a reminder to tell the ones that we love that we love them, that we needed her to die to be reminded of this, to think about saying these words one day when the stereo in the car is off or the meal we ordered is taking longer than usual to get to us. Yes--we must shove dead girls in our mouths, swallow them, have them speak for us by not speaking. I wish I knew you better. You will be missed. This is how this is going to work: when I die, you will say the same things--you will wear rest in peace like an insignia, like a badge on your breast. You will quote this. The words that I once said to you will mean more than they ever did when I was around, yet not around. The story about. The time when.
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